Auto Glass Technology Is Rapidly Changing. Adapting to ADAS Is More Critical Than Ever Before.

ADAS Is Changing the Industry

Advanced Driver(s) Assistance Systems (ADAS) in vehicles is becoming increasingly popular. These systems rely upon cameras, lasers, and radar – often with the camera mounting to the windshield. Any time a new windshield is installed, the camera must be calibrated to ensure proper functionality and to restore the camera to OEM specifications.

Autel Diagnostics & Calibration

The MaxiSYS ADAS calibration frame enables the performance of four-wheel alignment and ADAS component calibration. Software includes live readings, coverage for U.S., Asian and European vehicles, 1996 and newer.

Six high-resolution positioning and tracking cameras in frame automatically monitor vehicle height on shop lift or floor. Robotic frame movement for efficient use and alignment reading accuracy to 0.02 degrees for precise calibration.


The first complete aftermarket tool for precise auto glass camera calibration. Opti-Aim™ from Pilkington is the industry’s first aftermarket calibration tool for managing complex installations that demand precise, camera-ready accuracy. With Opti-Aim™, you can stay current with emerging calibration opportunities and get your customers back on the road.

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