Starting September 1st, 2020 we are requiring all customers to wear masks before entering the office.

To our valuable customers in need of automobile window repair, we are open for business during regular business hours 8-5pm Mon-Friday and 9-1pm on Saturdays. To protect you and our staff we have implemented the following procedures and policies:

  • Dropped off or picked-up vehicles are disinfected prior to our employees getting into the car. This includes a 10-minute vehicle wipe down with sanitizer wipes in common areas and hot spots;
  • An aggressive employee handwashing policy has now been implemented and is supervised closely;
  • Customers who enter our business are encouraged to wash their hands with sanitizer placed near the entrance;
  • To make sure adequate social distancing is maintained we are keeping our front door locked. Please call the front desk so we can provide instructions on when it is safe to enter.

We appreciate your understanding and patience for any service disruptions these new policies and procedures may cause.