A small chip could lead to big issues

We’ve all driven on the highway when suddenly, a stone comes flying out of nowhere, hitting the windshield. If you are lucky, there won’t be any damage to your windshield, but there is a high chance a crack or chip may form in your window.

When should you repair a stone chip in your car window or windshield?

Repairing the damage depends on the size and location of the stone chip on your windshield. It is always best to get looked at ASAP and repaired if possible right away before it spreads or gets filled with contaminants. If the chip is in your field of vision (aka the drivers primary viewing area) it is recommended to get replaced, but can be repaired if you like.

Types of Cracks in Windshields. Various crack displayed on a spectrum chart from easiest to fix to hardest.
Please note every chip/crack is unique, and our professional technicians can help you make the best decision for your vehicle.

The Importance of Repairing Chips

If the chip is smaller than a loonie, the repair is a quick fix, but leaving it for too long can result in the chip expanding into a crack. With warmer weather, especially in spring, any drastic temperature change can further broaden the chip.

Another way a simple stone chip “can grow” into a dreaded “crack” is with the windshield flexing. This often occurs when driving over rough roads. Winnipeg is known for bad road conditions, which can take a toll on your windshield and expand the chip from the tension of driving over rough and bumpy streets.

The Bottom Line:

“Repairing a simple stone chip in your windshield soon after it happens may prevent the replacement of an entire windshield. And by doing so can save the customer money.”

— Pierre Debreuil (owner of ACR Auto Glass)

Repairing something like your windshield is always the most economical and eco-friendly option as it prevents needless window replacements.

The Process for Repairs

There are five steps for repairing a windshield chip. Here is a list of how we fix a windshield with a video of Pierre demonstrating the process.

  1. Have the break/chip under vacuum using a vacuum tool
  2. Flex the break to remove debris from the chip
  3. Push resin into the cracks and apply pressure
  4. Cure the resin while it is still under pressure (a unique feature to our shop)
  5. Fill the remaining pit with pit filler, scrape smooth and polish
  6. Final Inspection of the sealed chip

Can I Repair the Chip Myself?

Yes and no. There are repair kits available online, but we do not recommend doing it yourself. It is better to leave it to the experts to repair your windshield safely and accurately. The difference between our professional service and a DIY approach comes down to the quality of the repair. Our staff at ACR Auto Glass have gone through technical training and have high-quality tools to provide a long-term solution rather than a quick fix.