Success Starts With A Vision

ACR Auto Glass’s mission has always been to provide customer safety, top-quality work, and exceptional customer service.

These values have not changed since the doors opened at their current location in West Winnipeg in 2008. Dean Forster started the company with the experience of growing up in his family’s Kelowna-based glass business. Undoubtedly, this sparked Dean’s passion for the glass industry and taught him the importance of caring deeply for customers’ well-being. When Pierre Debreuil joined the company in 2015, ACR was a general glass repair company that did custom work, including flat glass and auto glass. Pierre’s love for cars brought a new laser-guided focus, and ACR Glass became ACR Auto Glass. They started specializing in windshield repairs, replacements, and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) calibration.

Pictured: Dean (left) and Pierre (right) supporting our local Blue Bombers team

Safety, quality work, and excellent customer service have always been at the forefront of how we operate. We strive to be the best in the city but work with other companies to help our industry and community. Our goal is to provide our customers and community with safer vehicles on the road.

Dean Forster

Like any business, there were growing pains and obstacles Dean and Pierre had to overcome, especially steep competition from large national and international windshield repair companies. These companies had been around for years and were well-known as the go-to windshield repair shops. To compete, Dean and Pierre focused on their customer service and vision to become a one-stop shop for their customers. They launched a successful “Quick windshield repair program” where customers can readily drop by without an appointment and get their windshield fixed in under 30 minutes. To further make the windshield repair process easy for customers, they opened up an online glass claim form that helps expedite the insurance application process.

One defining moment of ACR Auto Glass was becoming the first glass shop to adopt ADAS calibrations at a very early stage in the industry. Dean and Pierre lead the local industry in ADAS windshield calibration, and today they are still the leaders in this area of expertise.

With Pierre’s leadership, we’ve become specialists in this service and are a trusted and reputable source for repairing ADAS windshields for dealerships, customers, and in some cases, competitors.

Dean Forster

Since the development and expansion of the services focused on ADAS, ACR Auto Glass has started working for other large and small local service providers.

“Not every shop has the technology and ability to calibrate ADAS. And of course we are happy to provide these important services to Manitoba drivers.”

– Pierre Debreuil

In the future, both Pierre and Dean plan to keep investing their time and money into their business to keep their local community and other Manitobans safe while on the road.